Who we are…

The International Institute for Prehistoric Research of Cantabria is a mixed academic research institute, shared ownership with the Government of Cantabria, the University of Cantabria, and Santander Universities.  Moreover is an associated CSIC unit (Institució Milà y Fontanals, Barcelona)

Why is created?

The IIIPC was founded in 2004, from a research group from de Historic Science department of the University of Cantabria, with the following goals:

  1. Group and join a researcher group that work about different topics related to Prehistory.
  2. Increase the chance of funding
  3. Attract researchers from different universities and institutions to the IIIPC for developing their works.

The institute is dedicated to prehistoric research, and give technical advice in the field of its competence. Our main researcher lines includes: 

  • Prehistoric art 
  • Paleolithic and Mesolithic in SO of Europe
  • Origin and development of peasant societies
  • Early settlers of American continent
  • Prehistoric technology
  • Bioarchaeology

Since 2005, the IIIPC publish the “Monographs of the International Institute for Prehistoric Research of Cantabria”, designed to disseminate the results of the institute research, and in general the scientific production in the Prehistoric field.